Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Up Cyclying Biscuit Tins...

Part 1

Have loads of these sweet and biscuits tins left over from Christmas...

I always save these. I just can't seem to throw them out. So on a recent visit to my sister, I brought some buns I made and I transported them in a used biscuit tin. Pretty when you have biscuits in them but not so pretty when I had my muffins in it!!

So I went on Pinterest to see if I could see what I could do with to recycle these tins.

I spotted these

Mine are not so good or as pretty. That is why I have named this post part 1 as I am going to do a part 2.

Biscuit tin and spray paint in a cream colour

Prep a area to spray so the spray does not go everywhere

Spray in even sweeps 

Finished Product
This one turned out ok. I did spray on the paint too heavy and it kinda ran down the side and dried in a wave.

So Part 2, I am going to sand the tin, prime it and take my time spraying it

Will keep you posted!

I would have liked some kind of stenciling on this tin in a green colour but I have none and I need to think a bit about that.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Haul Penneys Jan 2013

I headed into my local Penneys on Saturday for a denim shirt, yes I had one thing on my mind...and didn't get it. I picked one up in my size but all the buttons were broken on it, the snap buttons were pulled on it and there was only on size I just had to buy other stuff!!

Here is what I picked up....

Black patent shoes, €5 on sale
I know I am after buying similar ones in Dunnes but I just could not leave them behind me for a €5!

Red wedge shoes, €7 on sale

Leopard wrapping paper, €1.50. I have a drawer in my bedside locker full of costume jewelery  I am planning on making a drawer tidy for it. Some thing like this
Also picked up to long feather chains in gold and silver, €3 each

Bits and bobs
Nail files, €1.50
NYC lippy in Snowcone 411, a bit shimmery but fresh,€2.49
Essence XXL shine in Nude Kisses, €2.20....I can't live without this product!
Catrice Lashes to Kill Mascara in Ultra Black, €2.49


Monday, 28 January 2013

Musing of an Infant Blogger...

Hidden Blogs:
You know your list of blogs you follow and read, your "reading list" on blogger...Well I have 6 blogs in "Hidden blogs". I have no idea how I have these 6 blogs in "Hidden Blogs" and I did nothing intentionally to put them there....poor blogs!!

Easy solution is click on the arrow and it shows the "Hidden Blogs" but it is annoying me now and I want them out of this list.

I has me driven mad trying to figure out how to sort this out.Any help out there....

Blogger Meet Up: 
Some have been asking about this. I am hoping to organise a date in February, I had hoped January but time is just running away with me????
I just need to see where everyone is coming from and try and pick somewhere that is central to everyone and then find somewhere nice to meet!!
Promise to do some work on this!!

Blogger Signature:
If Blogger is reading this I would like to suggest that you set up a facility where you can set up a signature for all posts, like email were you can set up a specific font, colour etc that you would like all your posts to sign off with!
So when you open a new post it will already have your signature already there....

I really hope you all had a nice weekend. We were really washed out here in the West!


Saturday, 26 January 2013

The "go to" outfit....

Do you have an outfit that, without fail, makes you feel great  not matter when you wear it?

An outfit that makes you feel the closest to the real you or makes you feel the real you?

Well I have! and this is it...

Shoes: These are a hidden platform suade court, bought in Penneys for about €20. Truth be know, these are a bit on the high side so I wear them when there is the minimal amount of walking to be done. I just love the colour. I am a devil for colour courts with a hidden platform. Even though lately I am out of practice walking in them.

Jeans: I am a boot cut or flare leg girl at heart. They suit me better than any other shape jeans. These are my all time favourite. These Seven for all man kind jeans I bought in the States a year ago. They are my perfect fit jeans and I love the lenght. I like jeans to go to the ground when wearing my shoes. Hubbie can't understand this as he says you can't see your shoes but I love the look.

Blazer: I love blazers. I have many, just for wearing with this outfit. Even though this is beige, and I am not a beige lover, I just had to have it when I spotted it. €40 in Swamp. It has lovely blue striped lining.I tend to buy blazers in a size that doesn't close in the front. I never wear them closed. But I don't like it looking stupid on me either. e.g too small.

Vest tops: I love vest tops. I like the classic vertical rib and I own so many colours. This one is nice. It has ruffles on the bust line to make the bust look bigger. This one was a few euro. I wear these alot so I lik to spend a few euros on them so they last.

Neck Scarves: I have so many, I really do. This is also from Penneys, €4. I have so many that Hubbie said I need to have a special space to hang them.Like this on with the neon pink!

Red Lippy: I love red lipstick. I don't have it on now but I would wear a red stain or gloss with this. I would also wear a long chain....

Well there you have it. My signiture outfit.I always feel my best in this outfit or a variation of this outfit.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Weekend Jibber Jabber...

What a week! It's been one of those weeks that has gone by in a blink of an eye.

Enjoying this week....

  • My daffodils are sprouting....woo delighted!!
  • Game of Thrones, I bought the last 3 books....I am loving this series
Book 5,6 & 7

  • Checking out new blogs, I have a list and I need to get reading!! So looking forward to this.

Not Enjoying this week...

  • Car Failed NCT: such a pain but not on anything too major, just a visual fail.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Thursday, 24 January 2013

What are you watching on tv?

I never watch live tv. I always watch things that are recorded. I just love the ability to fast forward the

So it's a new season and I am recording like mad....

Here is what I am watching....

  • Revenge: Emily is killed out taking revenge on everyone
  • Blue bloods: About a family of NY cops
  • Grey's Anatomy: ah the old faithful, hospital drama, season 428!
  • Criminal Minds: Behavioral analyses unit, love this, solving crimes
  • Supernanny US: this woman rocks!
  • Adoption Stories: Irish stories
  • The Following: Serial killer and Kevin Bacon!
  • The Good Wife: New series, about lawyers....and stuff
  • Mrs. Brown's Boys: Irish Sitcom, about a mammy and her family, funny out!
  • Gok's Clothes Road Show:Clothes advice
  • Stella: Set in Whales, I think, based around Stella, her family, lovers and friends
  • Gok's Style Secrets: Gok's sorts out lady singletons by bringing back their confidence
  • Little People, Big World: I am fascinated!
  • Graham Norton Show: I love him!
  • Girls: about a girl....

Jess, that list looks like I watch a lot of tv....


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ABC's of me

After my daily read of my fav blogs, I spotted this on Outnumbered and thought I would jump on the band wagon!
Addictions: Crisps any type and is it contraversial to say Red Wine??
Bed size: Super king
Chore you hate: Washing dishes
Dogs or cats: Dogs. Both but I would lean more towards dogs
Essential start of your day: Tea
Favorite color: White
Gold or silver: Both
Height: 5’6".
Instruments you play (or have played): Violin!
Jobs titles you’ve had: Accounts something or other!
Kids: None
Live: Wesr of Ireland.
Mom’s name: Marian
Nickname: J!
Overnight hospital stays: none thank god.
Pet peeve: Swearing
Quote from a movie: "I will be back" had to ask Hubbie!
Right or left handed: Right handed
Siblings: 1 younger brother and 3 sisters
Time you wake up: About 6.45 weekday mornings and 9 at the weekend!
Underwear: Black.
Vegetables you dislike: kinds like them all
What makes you run late: Not organised!
X-rays you’ve had done: dental.
Yummy food you make: hubbie like my beef stew??
Zoo animal: ?? Giraffes??
Why don't you try!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Photos on Canvas...

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it on Pinterest courtesy of Little Bit Funky

You need:
Tissue paper cut to A4 size
  • Tissue paper, I used white and cut it to A4 size so it will feed through my printer. I bought it in Easons for about €2, got 4 large sheets.
  • Mod Podge and a brush
  • A Canvas, I bought a pack of 4 20x20 at my local discount store for about €5 or €6 
  • Scissors
  • And 20 minutes

I also ironed it so the tissue paper is not wrinkled
Pick you photo you want to use 

Feed the tissue paper to the printer, I have an ink jet printer.I watched mine closely as it went through the printer in case it got stuck. I was nervous this was not going to work!

Mod podge the canvas. Make sure the coating is nice and smooth and gets into the bumps in the canvas.I did not put mod podge on the sides. You could if you wanted but I cut the edges 
Then place the tissue paper photo carefully over the canvas and gently smooth out the bumps. I cut the edges around the sides of the canvas. I let it dry a bit and then gently brushed a light coating of Mod Podge all over and especially the sides.

Finished product. Love these....They don't have to be perfect, all flaws add to the rustic look of photos on canvas. There were lines on my tissue paper print out, don't know why but I like it and it added to the affect.

Now to decide where to hang them...


Monday, 21 January 2013

Haul Primark Dec 2012

I haven't had a chance to post what I picked up in Manchester. It was pretty poor on my behalf but my excuse is that I had picked up some lovely bits before going to Manchester that I didn't really feel the need to shop....I know crazy....

What I got...Mid thigh dress from Primark Limited Edition £22.

Close up

Not very exciting top Primark £10
 This is pretty boring but it is really nice on. Like a knitted blue stone wash jumper!!


Friday, 18 January 2013

Weekend Jibber Jabber...

This week I am suffering from January blues and a cold...And neither seem to be shifting. I have been finding it hard to be inspired. Especially in my baking and cooking... Definitely need baking inspiration.

Enjoying this week...

  • I am loving Gok's Style Secrets. Gok is God!! I do find it hard though to watch the ladies putting them self out there in the set up mok date, hard.
  • Revenge season 2 has started again on RTE  and I am loving it
  • Doing craft stuff.I have so many things I want to try.
  • You Tube Primark Hauls. I love watching these to see what is in Primark. We have Penneys in Ireland but the stock can be different toPrimark

Not Enjoying this week...

  • Insurance shopping, I hate shopping around online for insurance. It is such a pain.
  • Baking Uninspired, I am so uninspired this week...need to sort that out. I think its because there is still a tin of biscuits in our house, half eaten!
Have a nice weekend folks!


Thursday, 17 January 2013 inspiration!

I am obsessed with Pinterest.

Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know I am obsessed with crafts with about 200 pins on my craft board. I am so obsessed with recycling things

I currently have some a few crafty things on the go at the moment.

A sneak preview....Some successful, some not...I will post about them later

Things I have observed about Pinterest....and about me!

  • In Crafts, Mod Podge, is like a cult product. I had to have some. Got some yesterday in my local craft shop for €6
Mod Podge
  • Hair And Beauty, everyone is obsessed with curls and braids
  • I only look at Hair and Beauty, DIY and Crafts and Women Fashion Pins. Am I missing out?
  • I am unable to throw out anything, I have to keep toilet rolls centers, boxes anything basically I could up cycle.My utility room is quickly filling up.My head had really done a u turn, before something gets binned I am first thinking what I could do with it and then just in case checking out Pinterest for inspiration.
  • There is so much inspiration for nails and nail art!

Do you use Pinterest? Is anyone as obsessed as me? I love it!


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Liz Earl....

I bought this "skin care try me kit" in Manchester in December. I have been meaning to buy some Liz Earl for such a long time. Then I was reminded by a post by Ann at Heart and Soul.

About £25
I think this was expensive but in saying that I would totally repurchase the cleanse and polish and the moisturizer. You get 2 Muslin cloths with this kit.

My first impression of this and I have been using this for a week now and it is so kind to your skin. I have combination skin and I am prone to breakouts. I am careful what I put on my skin. I don't buy into a lot of hype skin care wise. My basic need is a moisturizer,and and exfoliator. And sometimes after I wash my face I pat it dry and don't feel I need a moisturizer. I do believe the best things to put on your face is natural things. All the products are very slightly sented and free of animal extracts

The moisturizer has lovely naturally active ingredients like Borage and Avocado oil, Echinacea and vitamin E.

At the time of writing this blog post I had not tried the mask so while typing I applied it. And the subtle aroma of witch hasel is lovely.It's a brightening mask and I think I need it after an indulgent weekend with my sister including  a CAKE lunch!!

These are lovely products and I will be repurchasing some of them.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Weekend Walk....

Here is a  few pics from a lovely 2 hour walk we took on Saturday....

Off we go...
Evergreen in the middle of the leafless trees

I wanted to steel this wood!
I wonder where this path leads??


Redwood planted 1862 at 2ft 5"
Spooky house

Some ducks

and some swans


Monday, 14 January 2013

Musings of an Infant Blogger...

Have not done one of these since before Christmas...

I HATE THESE!!. They drive me demented, crazy and take the joy out of my life sometimes....They are designed to make sure you are not a robot and that in fact you are a human being when leaving comments on blogs. I just don't know is it me or are these getting longer and more difficult to read. I am constantly refreshing the captcha for an easier one to read. I have to admit I have left blogs without leaving my little comments because I am frustrated that the 3rd time I imputed the response it was wrong. A wise blog buddy of mine advise me, when I started blogging, to switch this off. Wise words!!

Changing my blog background:
Is this a faux pas? I had to google "faux pas"to spell it.... Am I allowed to do this? Will people ( or robots ) get confused when they pop to my blog and the sand scape background it no more???

Blogger Meet Up:

I need to look into this, date and location.
I am so looking forward to meeting up with everyone. And if you know a fellow blogger friend who would like to come, let them know...invite them!


Sunday, 13 January 2013


Inspired by Passion Nail Art  as seen on Pinterest

Didn't really think this was going to work. Forgive the nails, they are in a bad shape!!

I also started off with Nail inc in Nude, but was not happy with it so started again with Essence Nude Glam in café olé
I also used brandy as had nothing else. It was brandy or whikey

Close up, fun to do but would be better on say a light yellow or white nail colour
With and without top coat


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Haul Vero Moda Dec 2012

These are the bits I bought for going out over the Christmas hols.
This top is bat winged and is worn with a black vest top and is worn pulled up to the hips.I LOVE the colour. Hanger does not do it justice

Back has little gold buttons all the way down

Statement chain from Eliza Gracious €15

I got a size bigger because the material was clingy, €21 approx

Smock type top, (unsure), €34 approx
 Skinnies worn with all the tops above, they are a little on the rocky side as they look like leather but are a coated jean,LOVE them. Would not normally wear skinnies so tight, but these are fab, especially with high heals.
Coated skinnies, €34 approx, 
And how about this little guy,cute out or what!!

Owl Ring, €8
I promise I am going to stop shopping


Friday, 11 January 2013

Weekend Jibber Jabber...

The first half of the week was dominated by my Internet not working, and giving our loads about it. And realising I am totally lost without the internet.  I think I had withdrawal symptoms.

The second half of the week was spent planning my weekend. I am off visiting my sister for her birthday!! So far plans are as such,we will be arriving late on Friday night, lazy  morning planned for Saturday, a leisurely walk in a local park, lunch, then home to get ready for dinner in her favorite Indian restaurant together with some of her buddies, then off to the pub for drinks!! Sounds perfect!!

I finally got new WELLIES.....on sale!!
I am normally a size 5 but had to get a size 6 in these for a better fit!

Enjoying this week....

  • Book Order. I am making a list of the books I want to order from Amazon.I usually ready reviews and make note of the book title/author, check if my favorite authors have anything new released etc
  • Planning my weekend away. I have washed my ski jacket for our walk on Saturday and I am planning what to wear to dinner. Must not forget to take my good camera!
  • Photo Frame: Bought it on sale in Dunnes, deciding what pics to put in it.
Reduced from €18 to €10
  • Pinterest Craft: Planning my next craft attempt..... Think it might be this or this
  • Google Nexus. Hubbie bought one and its fab for surfing!. Since I started blogging I have been monopolizing  the laptop. So off he went and purchased a google nexus. Its great!
Not Enjoying this week...

  • My internet issues. I am moving providers. 

I am off now to make more sausage rolls....yum


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Abortion Debate in Ireland...

In Ireland, we don't have abortion.You cannot have an abortion here in Ireland and currently there is a political debate happening in order to legislate for abortion in Ireland.

I tend to shy away from controversial topics such as this. But I am going to take the plunge here.

The reality about Ireland is that Irish Women are traveling to the UK or further afield to have abortions.

I can't help but think that this is not a question about right or wrong, the stark reality is that "Irish women" are already having abortions, just not here in Ireland.Whether these services come to Ireland or not an Irish woman who wants an abortion are going to have one.

I don't think it's up to the "for or against" groups to decide this, or equally the lobby groups

And what about these women who decide to have an abortion, are we failing them as a society by not supporting their choice, their circumstance, their lives?I think we are failing them. As a collective, I don't believe it is right to decide "No to abortion in Ireland" when we don't understand the individual situations that lead Irish Women to choose abortion. These situations are so complex and each individual situation is equally harrowing for each woman, and no situation should take precedence over another situation.

I can't help but feel that as a nation we are not providing services for these women who wish to terminate their pregnancies and are failing them by subjecting them to travel (and the difficulties that come with that) to avail of these services. To me, the reason why they choose termination is not for the public to debate or decide,it's the individuals choice, choosing termination is not an easy choice and not an easy thing to do. Irish women live with that loss forever.

I am not for or against, I am for choice, services, support of Irish Women. I want Irish women to have a choice. I would like, if I chose to have a termination, that I would be able to do it in my own country and be in the care of my country.

I don't entertain facts about how abortions are done or "scary " facts.The honest truth is, I don't want to know. Does that make me socially irresponsible, maybe, but that is my choice. I don't think it's about "for or against", I think it's about providing services for Irish women who are already availing of this service abroad.

The Reality:
Abortion is here in Ireland, Irish women may not have the procedures here but they live with it here. Abortion is already in Ireland.

Please Note:
These are my personal thoughts on this subject, I understand it's a very controversial subject, I respect all opinions on this subject. I feel I have gone out on a limb here on this post as I have not posted something like this before and I hope not to offend any one. These are my personal thoughts, I will respect yours if you respect mine.


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wee Baskets...

Since I discovered Pinterest, DIY and crafts, I swear it has awakened something inside of me and I am obsessed.

So instead of just pinning them, I am going to make a conscious decision to make them
My attempt!
Idea came from the lovely Lia at, diy-upcycled-fruit-basket

So here is my first of my Pinterest Crafts attempt. Lots of pics here! be warned
I used a big Dunnes bag, also superglue as I wanted the paper to stick quick

Cut along the side and cut off the bottom

Cut off the handles

Mark off 18 1.75" strips

Cut them out

Fold 12 of them in to thirds

Weave 6x6 like so

Glue 2 strips to make large ones, need 3 large strips

Fold in third

Weave the large strips into the sides of the basket

use paper clips if need to secure edge

Getting there, can be fiddly

Then trim off and tuck in

Measure and trim


Finished product!
This was such fun to do and I have made 3 so far, 2 from brown paper bags and one from a white bag. Thanks to Lia at for the inspiration!