Monday, 25 February 2013

Can't live without products....

Do you have products in your life that you can't without......repeat buy.....and freak out if you run out?

Well I do and here is they are....

Range from hair care, to makeup, to teeth hygene.....

I love you and will not live without you!!

L'Occitane Sea Butter Hand Cream, €19 (bought in Paris though)
Bia Beauty Lime Pie Lip Balm, €4ish, smells good enough to eat
Essence XXXL Shine in Nude Kiss, €2/3ish, good day colour and moisturizing
Nail Files.....and cuticle clippers, I am obsessed with tidy cuticle
Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Light Day Moisturizer, I got two for €6 ish in Boots

My Fav Lippy, prefect for every day, Maybeline 630 Velvet Beige
Esteé Lauder Double Wear, €36ish, yes I am back to this one again
Dove Max Protection, €6ish, This stuff is brilliant!
Nail Polish
TePe  Flossers, I am obsessed with flossing

Boot Mouse, the purple one, €1.50...Boots always do deals on it, great for curly hair
Clairol Hair Dye, this one is the no ammonia but I use the ammonia one, I didn't have one for this post, €6ish
Umberto Giannini flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly, great for getting the frizz under control

My Braun electric tooth brush...have it for years
Mouthwash, CB12, €13ish its brilliant
Boots face wipes, €2ish


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Simple Saturday....

Jeans from America Eagle

OPI Die Another Day, Super Colour, looks great with the fab lime colours that are in at the moment!


Friday, 22 February 2013

Weekend Jibber Jabber....

SPRING, SPRING SPRING is in the air!!

It frosty and cold but its getting brighter in the morning when I leave and its bright when I get home!!!

Enjoying this week....
  • Daffodils:Watching them pop up on my own avenue....and see them bloom along the verges of the road I travel on daily
  • Zara Shoes: Where have I been, they are so beautiful, I spotted lovely leopard ones
  • The Treadmill: I have been so good lately, 3 to 4 times a week, that is good for me....
Not enjoying this week....
  • Wrong Size:Having to bring my brown sandals back to Penneys to swap them for a size 6, I have always been a size 5 so this is weird!!
  • Being tired: think I need a tonic...
Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Haul Penneys, Vero Moda and New Look...


Picked up my elusive denim shirt finally in New Look.....I have been searching everywhere for a nice one...and I finally got it in New Look. I don't tend to shop there as I find it a bit teeny bopper for me, but I may be wrong.I am so delighted with this shirt, fits fab and I am so looking forward to wearing it!

Size 14, €19.99
And of course, shopping for me always includes a stop in Penneys......

Cute Blue shirt with lace trim,Size 14, €13

Necklace, €5, will go nicely with my denim shirt

Sandals, €15,

A bit early in the year for buying sandals but when I need them I won't get them anywhere!! They are great for work, I had a pair like these last year and wore them to death

Vero Moda

I lost my receipt from Vero Moda  I am trying to remember the prices 
Large, €40

Green/Yellow top €30, my Penneys necklace would go nicely with this

Cute sleeves and nice material
Jumper €25

Nice button detail down the back, Denim shirt will be nice under this!

And last but not least, in Sally Servcies, OPI nail polish on Sale!!

OPI  Die Another Day,€5.40


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bake Day

I baked these last Thursday and I had every intention of decorating these with hearts or something for Valentines Day, but we started eating them as soon as they cooled and well that was the end of that.....

Got the recipe here,

Marg, Flour, Sugar

I split the mixture to do 3 types of biscuit

Mixed spice, white choc and cranberry, and lemon

 Bakes for 15 mins, and cooled on tray
No regularity in size here but they are home made! 

My favorite was the white choc and cranberry and Hubbies was the lemon, the mixed spice did not go down well at all


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Saturday Shopping.....

Long vest top Penneys
Jeans American Eagal Flares

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I have to.....

I have to get myself a denim shirt
I have to dye my hair
I have to bake something Valentine themed
I have to start baking again so I can resume bake day on Tuesdays
I have to finish spraying the biscuit tins in the garage
I have to tidy my desk.....major mess
I have to get organised for sister/s (not sure if it's one or two sisters yet) visiting at the weekend
I have to tidy for sisters visiting....and nail all handbags
I have to do my food shopping list
I have to make dinner reservations for Saturday night
I have to start my next Pinterest project
I have to organize a weekend to go home to see my parents
I have to organise a little jaunt away with Hubbie
I have to organise a night away with my two buddies
I have to finish painting the study
I have to develop some blog ideas
I have to download google stats
I have to research a meeting place for the blogger meet up in April
I have to change the look of my blog
I have to read my email and clean it up
I have to organise my blog folder on my much a mess as desk
I have to order some books from Amazon

Oh god I am so stressed! Worse post ever..............aaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Internet Shopping.....

I am an internet shopping virgin....well and internet fashion shopping be precise! I have bought books, I bulk buy on Amazon, but as much as I love books and I certainly do, they are not clothes, they are not shoes and they are not handbags....but they are a close second!

I have never bought anything fashion wise online. I don't know why I just have never taken the plunge....

There are so many things to consider......
  • Will the item I am looking at on the internet, look the same in real life.?
  • Will it be the right size, length etc?
  • Trying to making sense of the online store sizing charts
  • What does the material really look like, feel like?
  • Shipping.....too much work and extra charges for shipping to Ireland and taxes.
  • Will I be in when the postman/delivery guy comes? and if I miss him will I make the post office before closing time
  • What if I don't like it when I get it and have to return it ....will it be a lot of hassle??
I mean lets face it, I could look at a top and when it comes in the post is could be a belly top.......Am I exaggerating?? I don't know....

I do internet "window" shop  A LOT and I have loads of email is a wee taste
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Next
  • Guess (I love their handbags)
  • Barry M
  • River Island
  • Fossil (I love their watches....Bags a little out of my price range but beautiful)
  • Aldi and Lidl (ok, not internet shopping but I need to know what the deals are!!)
  • Awear
  • Aldo shoes
  • Kiko Cosmetics
The more I blog the more I realise my blogger buddies are all internet shopping.Blogging about what delights The Postie has dropped at their front door while they are drinking their morning coffees!!

I want The Postie to drop something to me....So I am going to buy something online, a fashion item. I am determined, not a book or a wifi router (ok, Hubbie bought that...not me) but an item of clothes, shoes or a handbag.....

What are your fav online stores?


Monday, 11 February 2013

Musings of an Infant Bloagger...

Blogger Meet Up:
So based on my post this time last week about having our little get together in March, it appears that April is better suiting everyone. I am suggesting Saturday the 6th or the 13th of April. Let me know your thoughts.
Still going for Mullingar, simply because it is relatively in the middle. Any suggestions for a meeting place would be welcome, either way I will do a bit of research and come up with a suggestion or two.

I am so delighted that we have a rough date, now for a venue!

Blogger Stats:
What do you think? I am really not sure about these and I have been doing some research into blog stat tools, free ones. I think I need better information.
With blogger....(sorry blogger!), Overview always seems to have different numbers to stats, don't know why but it does. So any suggestion?????What do you use????

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nail Polish....

I have very few addictions in wine (not in a dependent way!), cream, clothes and nail name a few!

I have 72 bottles of nail polish. I just can't help picking up the latest trend in polish or trying out some nail art technique on Pinterest. I never go nail polish free and would often change my polish 2/3 times a week.I love all things nails and don't feel dressed or my best unless they are painted.

I think I need to slow down on the polish purchasing..What do you think???
Oh dear???












Top coats/base coats/ french polish etc...

And a lonsome green...

I plan to do a few follow up posts on my nail accessories and storage solutions...keep posted if interested!!

Do you think I am addicted.....


Friday, 8 February 2013

Weekend Jibber Jabber...

It's Friday friggin delighted.....whooohooo!!

I am finding my free time becoming non existent.

Enjoying this week....
  • Drinking Water: I am trying to get 2 pints of water into me every day. I am a good water drinker in general but in winter time I tend to drink more tea/coffee instead of water. So I have started putting a drop of warm water into my glass so it's more luke warm than cold and I am drinking no problem.May not be everyone's cup of tea, but its
  • Stretch in the morning/evening: I am hearing the birds tweeting in the morning and its bright when I get home.....wonderful. Spring is in the air
Not Enjoying this week...

  • Dinner idea slump: I have no imagination when it comes to dinner in the evenings. It's been a bit dodgy these evenings. Chip and fish fingers for dinner this evening.
  • Not getting out and about to take some pics.....must rectify!

Have a nice weekend folks!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cleaning Silver Jewellery...

I saw this on Pinterest and I a bit dubious on whether this would work or not.....

I don't really have much silver. Most of these bits have a sentimental value to me that I can not part with them.

So here is how I go on...

Need a dish, tin foil, bread soda, hot water and grotty silver jewellery

Cover the dish with tinfoil and lay the jewellery on the bottom

Cover with bread soda
Cover with boiling water and leave for 10  mins
Remove and dry with clean cloth and leave to cool down

Clean and shiny!
This did work, apart from one chain, the bottom right one, really did not clean up, but maybe its not silver??

Thanks to 7 Yaks Design on Pinterest


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Haul Vero Moda and Next Jan 2013...

I felt my work wardrobe was a little knackered so picked up some bits from my fave shops!!

Long Navy Shirt with roll sleeves and gold buttons, €29.95

Lovely gold button down the back!
Cream lace front top, €31.95

Again nice gold button detail at the back!

Mint top with peter pan collar, €39.95
Lovely pearl button back detail

Basic long T, €12.95

Forest Green Jacket, €59.95
Here is it closed, and here is me wearing it!
Black work pants, €34.95

And last but not least and I am still not sure about these....I think I like the idea of these but I am not sure they suit my figure......

Grey Capris, from Next, €52