Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Where, oh where, have I been........

In short I am pregnant.......

Due in November and my Hubbie and I are very excited. Our first....

The long version is that,firstly, I took a work contract and it drained my creativity out of me completely. I tried to work on the weekends and schedule a couple of posts but it just was not happening. I couldn't think of a blessed thing to write about. My "go to" lists of bits and bobs, that I was keeping for times like this, just was not cutting it for me.....so I just stopped blogging!!

Secondly,  I got pregnant....super excited.....but then all I could think about was babies and all baby related stuff.....and I felt like it was not going to fit with my blog and my  blog buddies and all the blogs I follow......HELP.....so I just didn't blog!!!

I have completely lost all interest in clothes, cooking, baking, makeup, nail polish, crafting....everything....I just want to sit and stoke my belly........is that WEIRD??

Then my sister said "Will you post something on your blog? I am tired of seeing the tins!!"...sister honesty...where would I be without it!

Well that is what is happening with me.....What is happening with you??